Interesting June Reads for the Savvy African Beauty

Savvy African Beauty Reads

June…the beginning of the cold season when rich, creamy moisturizers are my skin’s best friend. As I moisturized like crazy and wondered what #Brexit meant for Africa, I devoured these beauty reads:

  1. South Africa, I type this green with envy, because now, you have a massive waterslide that applies sunscreen as you slip down, courtesy of Nivea. FCB Cape Town came up with the SunSlide after learning that South Africa has the world’s highest rate of skin cancer, per the Skin Cancer FoundationMore here. That said, I wonder how sanitary and effective this is and whether the sunscreen leaves a white caste on dark skin. Hmm…
  2. This article on Ebony, “Beauty and the Bleach: This issue is more than skin deep” by Dr. Yaba Blay makes me wonder how exactly Uganda will enforce its ban on bleaching products.
  3. This list of “8 MOISTURIZERS OVER $100 THAT ARE ACTUALLY WORTH IT” on Well + Good made me laugh sooo hard because we know that high prices don’t guarantee high quality in beauty. You can find all the ingredients mentioned in a lot of well formulated skincare for much less. Ati over $100 on one product?! No thanks.
  4. Revlon agreed to acquire Elizabeth Arden for approximately US$ 870 million and then shareholders quickly launched an investigation into Elizabeth Arden. Apparently the buyout price was too low. Eh…warrizdis?!
  5. One of my favorite beauty apps, ModiFace, has launched a Facebook Messenger bot which will let you virtually try on make-up. This video on TeenVogue, shows you how to try it out. My lazy afternoons just got better!
  6. How interesting is this?! A Vancouver biochemical startup has developed a process that uses wood and agricultural waste instead of petrochemicals to make glycols. In cosmetics, glycols (e.g. propylene glycol, butylene glycol) are used to improve the texture of a product.

What interesting beauty reads have you come across this month? Let me know in the comments!

Image by Its PinkPot


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