What is Your Dream African Beauty Store?

wolfandmoroko Tell Me Your Beauty Dreams

Hello savvy beauties! When I began my skin care journey, it was astonishing how difficult it was to locally find proven, effective products to address my concerns. Thankfully, the internets saved my face with online shopping. The problem with this is how much patience and planning it takes to make purchases from overseas. I know I’m not the only African with this problem, so I went on a fruitless path to find a great online beauty store that serves the entire African continent.

Several wasted MBs later, an idea came to mind. Why couldn’t I start an online beauty store? I’m smart and capable, Mama Oparo did not raise a fool! But wait…what happens when I create something for which there is no demand? I quickly ran a Twitter poll to see who would be interested in such a venture, and as it turns out, many were.

I needed more to go on, so with this in mind, I got some inspiration from Emily Weiss of Glossier and decided to ask you, my Wolf + Moroko community, for some feedback.

  • Imagine you have just waltzed into you favorite beauty retailer. What does it look like? Minimalistic? Modern? Edgy? Classic?
  • What do they sell? Makeup? Skin care? Wellness stuff? All the above?
  • Which beauty brands? Western? Asian? African? All the above?
  • Would you want the brands to be classic? Premium/Luxury? Niche? Emerging? All that and a bag of plantain?
  • What would be your preferred payment method? Mobile Money? Credit cards and/or Debit cards? Which ones?
  • How much are you willing to pay for beauty and personal care per month? Less than US$ 100? More?
  • What type of packaging would make you shriek in excitement when you receive it? A strong magnetic flip box? Bubble envelopes?
  • Would you prefer a subscription based beauty box?
  • What delivery partners would you prefer? Couriers like DHL,EMS or Fedex? What are some of your favorite shipping and deliveries policies when you shop online?
  • What options would you like the store to offer? Expert beauty advice? Beauty meet-ups? Subscription boxes? Loyalty programs? Live chat?

Don’t hold back. Tell me as much or as little as you would like, because by this time next year, my goal is for Wolf + Moroko to have launched the best online beauty retailer Africa has ever seen— accurately addressing our beauty hopes and dreams.

Comment, Email, Tweet or Call me (if we’re close like that). Let me know what you think! Thank you so much for the help. Let’s take a step towards building Africa’s “Sephora“- will you join me?


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