My Favorite “No Make-up” Make-up Tutorials for Dark Skin

It’s one of beauty’s ironies. No one ever #wakesuplikethis, afterall, we’re all human. We wear headscarves to bed that sometimes slip off and wake up to creases on one side of the face.We also wake up with gound aka eye gunk and morning breath.

When this happens, feeling good about yourself is extremely important, and wearing make-up (or not), is part of that. To paraphrase Sali Hughes, “if people judge you for wanting your skin to look healthy and clear, for enjoying the rituals and creativity of make-up, and for taking pride in looking your best, they aren’t worth your time.

When you are in the mood for “no make-up” make-up, here are some great YouTube tutorials to help you look flawless and radiant as you slay make-up naysayers.

Looking that flawless can take time and you know what, that’s okay. If you come across those bullies who readily get behind ignorant female stereotypes, tell them as eloquently as Sali Hughes did in this post, that you don’t give a speck in the Sahara what they think.

What are some of your favorite “no make-up” make-up looks and products? Let me know in the comments below.


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