Pro Tips for Long Lasting Lip Color During #KLARESTAURANTWEEK

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Kampala Restaurant Week , #klaresturantweek, is here! From 1-11 June, I’m going to be in a very good mood because: good food, wine and great company. Like any lip color lover, in between and after courses, I hope my lip color stays somewhat intact. In order to do so, I turned to three of my favorite, most influential, makeup pros for some long-lasting lip color tips.

According to Allure, “during Prada’s fall 2016 show, Pat McGrath ensured that the models’ lip color would withstand more than just a journey down the runway. “The girls arrive early, so we have to make sure the lipstick stays on for six hours, even through eating and everything,” she said. So to render the shade bulletproof, McGrath prepped the lips with a layer of foundation, followed by a layer of concealer, followed by a dusting of translucent powder. “Only then do you put on your lipstick, which we did with both our fingers and brushes, skipping lip liner since we didn’t want it to look artificial.More here.

Another tip from Pat McGrath is to “layer your products. Line and fill the entire mouth with lip liner before applying lipstick for long lasting wear. Blot lips with a tissue. Then layer matte colour by applying lipstick with fingers. To prevent feathering, blot with tissue again, then I like to set colour by holding one thin layer of a tissue over the lips and lightly dusting translucent powder on top. It’s genius!”Source: Fashionista which you can read here

Lisa Eldridge says, “Although there are lots of great, long-wearing formulas around claiming 12 or 14 hour wear, for me when it comes to making makeup last, application techniques make the biggest difference…Start with a good prep…Create a stain…Apply in thin layers…Tidy up the shape…Add some lip balm.Read more details here.

Nick Barose says, “Always prep lips first with a lip balm that’s not too greasy, so the lipstick won’t slide off… Also, using a long-wearing lip pencil similar to the shade of lipstick you’re wearing will help help the lipstick stay on longer.” More here

From these pro tips, it’s clear that prepping the lips is the most important part of a great color application. So for the smoothest base, exfoliate the lips with your fingers in a circular motion using a cotton bud and Vaseline to remove dead skin cells.Then line and fill in the entire mouth before applying your preferred lip color.

My current favorite is the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Passion. I’m completely in love with this color! A beautiful, intense red that pops against my dark skin tone. Although the packaging says that the finish is matte, I find it’s more semi-matte. The creamy, liquid formula also feels lovely, moisturizing, almost cushiony on the lips, and smells like vanilla ice cream and passion fruit had a baby. I kid you not. Yum.

Do you have any long-lasting makeup tips of your own? Which restaurants will you be hitting up this #klarestaurantweek? Let me know in the comments. Till then…Bon Appetit!


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