10 Interesting May Reads for the Savvy African Beauty

wolfandmoroko savvy beauty reads

May is here and I can’t help feeling that this year has been taking a leaf from Usain Bolt. It’s going by fast!

Let’s get right into the interesting reads for the savvy African beauty, May Edition!

  1. May was/is/was Skin Cancer Awareness month and I was so excited to read this BBC report on a drug that could cure the disease! Yay, scientists!
  2. Refinery 29 gave us a list of some interesting exfoliators. Dull skin, begone!
  3. I regularly toy with the idea of getting a tattoo, then chicken out at the thought of something so permanent. I can’t even settle on one hair color! This erasable ink called Ephemeral sounds like it was made for people like me.
  4. Check out how cosmetics companies are (finallyusing science to back up their advertising claims.
  5. KFC released an edible chicken-flavored nail polish  in Hong Kong and I don’t understand why. I’ll take my chicken on the plate thank you.
  6. L’Oreal Paris did not come to play. The brand has been valued as the world’s top beauty company again! Needless to say, this beautypreneur is picking some brand strength lessons from them.
  7. Refinery 29 put long wear makeup to the test and this is what they found.
  8. When one of my favorite bloggers, Fiddy, interviewed another favorite blogger, Stephen, great things were bound to happen, like learning about something called “a gel cleanser with non newtonian properties!” Check out the interview here.
  9. Aging well is a concern for many people and this new “second skin,” tech devised in part by scientists based at the US Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), seems like a wonderful way to address that.
  10. Last but definitely not least, I bring you Nivea Men NOSE, a mobile phone cover that works with a downloadable app to serve as an electronic nose, so you can know whether you’re the cause of insects around dying. How smart is this?! Discreet yet efficient.

Happy reading! What reads have you found interesting this month? Let me know in the comments.


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