The Search for Odor Free Nail Polish in Africa

wolfandmoroko nail polish fumes are bad for you

Some of my favorite childhood memories are about the evenings my mother and I would spend doing our nails on the veranda. Those times were full of color, chit chat and fumes. It explains why I get nostalgic every time I smell nail polish (aka every week I’m getting a pedicure).

Then I came across this post on the Beauty Brains about a study that made me rethink enjoying the smell of resin and appreciate my regular salon. It’s bright, clean and airy – qualities I’m thankful for because “apparently, exposure to enough nail polish fumes can make your brain a little slow and fuzzy. Kinda scary, huh? Unfortunately, the study didn’t provide details on how long this effect lasts so we don’t know if your brain returns to normal once you’ve gotten away from the nail fumes.

And while the study did measure the size of the salon, the amount of ventilation, and the number of hours that the technicians worked, the data can’t be used to predict what would happen at a lower exposure. In other words, if you’re in a nail salon long enough, you may experience these problems. But is 30 minutes a week enough to cause an effect? It doesn’t look like it but clearly more studies are needed. In the meantime, make sure you’re getting plenty of fresh air when you’re getting your nails done!” Source: The Beauty Brains and you can see all the details here.

Well then, despite the breezy salon visits, my mind wandered and decided to find out if there are any odor free nail polishes available on the African market. Since even on the Western market, finding a completely odor free nail polish is a long shot.

There is one UK based brand, Little Ondine, that Lisa Eldridge tried and liked (you can read about it here) but there’s no way I’m importing a nail polish just because of fumes, or lack thereof.

Do let me know if you’ve come across any good scent-free polishes in the comments. If there aren’t any, someone should get on that stat!

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