The Truth About Dark Circles (Plus 15 Concealers for Dark Skin!)

After this post on eye creams, I received several inquiries on what would work for dark circles. If you have dark circles and aren’t sleep deprived, unwell, dehydrated, reacting to a product or having a bad case of allergies, they may be genetic. Search for the clues in your parents and/or siblings’ faces. If they too have dark circles, it may run in the family, and there isn’t much to be done about this skin concern.
Through research, I found that dark circles  may be caused by excessive melanin production or blood pooling under the eyes as a result of inflammation. According to Futurederm, “to find out what the cause of your dark circles is, do the following test, from Dr. Heidi Waldorf : If you apply pressure to the circle or shadow and it disappears, your problem is due to blood pooling under the eyes. If the color doesn’t disappear, the darkness is caused by excess pigment. And if the shadow forms at the inside corner of your eye, where a tear would flow, it’s probably due to a deep tear trough.” I’m not sure how well this test would work with dark skin tones , do let me know if you try it.
There isn’t an eye product on the market that will fix genetic dark circles. The best a product can do is  brighten and temporarily ‘lift’ the appearance of dark circles. If you’re uncomfortable, I would suggest a great concealer to cover up dark circles. Now, I understand the struggle to find a concealer that matches darker skin tones, so I’ve rounded up 15 for my savvy beauties!

Fifteen Concealers for Dark Skin Tones

wolfandmoroko black opal


(a) Iman Corrective Concealer and their (b) CC Crème powder to crème concealer

wolfandmoroko iman


(a) CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Concealer (b) LA Girl(which I learnt about through Style & Beauty Doc) and (c) SheaMoisture

wolfandmoroko concealers


(a)Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (b) Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (c) MAC Matchmaster concealer sticks

wolfandmoroko concealer


(a) Make Up For Ever full cover concealer (b) NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (c) Lancome Macquicomplete concealer

wolfandmoroko nars concealer


(a) Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crème (b) Cover FX Cream Concealer

wolfandmoroko cover fx


P.S. Check out these great tips on buying concealer if you’re a woman of color.

What is your favorite concealer? Let me know in the comments below.

Product Images are not my own. They belong to the individual brands.

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