7 TED Talks for the Savvy Beauty

I love a great TED Talk, don’t you? I feel so inspired and productive after watching one. However these TED Talks aren’t all about productivity, they’re about the different aspects of beauty.

Arianna Huffington – How to succeed? Get more sleep

A talk about sleep? You know I would be all over that! It’s been proven that a  good night’s sleep has the power to increase productivity, happiness, and smarter decision-making. Arianna Huffington believes in the power of sleep and so do I.

(PS… She has written a book, The Sleep Revolution, and I think we all need copies!)


Dennis Dutton – A Darwinian theory of beauty

Between Andrew Park‘s fun illustrations and philosopher Dennis Dutton’s provocative theory on beauty. You are bound to stay entertained. Hint: beauty is not simply in the eye of the beholder.


Luca Turin – The Science of Scent

What a find for someone who recently dived into the world of fragrance! In this talk, biophysicist Luca Turin explains the science and the art behind a scent. He also has written  books on scent, including Perfumes: The Guide and The Secret of Scent.


Meaghan Ramsey – Why thinking you’re ugly is bad for you

Dove’s beauty campaigns just lift my spirit, we all need to appreciate Real Beauty and #SpeakBeautiful to each other. Meaghan Ramsey, of the Dove Self-Esteem Project talks about the “impacts of low body and image confidence—from lower grade point averages to greater risk-taking with drugs and alcohol. And then shares the key things all of us can do to disrupt this reality.” Source: TED

(PS… Join Dove on Twitter in celebrating the beauty of every hair texture, length, & color. Share a photo and say why you )

Richard Seymour – How beauty feels

Ever thought about why you get certain ‘feels’ as a response to something you consider beautiful? Well British designer Richard Seymour was wondering right along with you, and decided to explore how we tell that something is beautiful and why it matter so much to us.


Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model

 Funny, gorgeous and truthful, model Cameron Russell gives us an unbiased look at the fashion industry.

What are some of your favorite TED Talks?


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