3 Free Beauty Apps to Save your Time and Money

wolfandmoroko beauty apps to save you time and money

I love makeovers. Beauty, hair, home, wardrobe, you name it, and I’ll probably love it.

With the rise of technology, creating virtual beauty makeovers on apps is quite popular, especially because you can try different styles while saving time and money. Usually, all you really need to do is take a selfie, upload and let the app do its thing. The final result lets you decide if that product/style is a yay or definite nay.

However in the world of beauty, apps that cater to women of color are far and few in between (I’m looking at you L’Oreal Makeup Genius which is not available in my country.Hmmph!). So here are three great free beauty apps to assist in your virtual makeover, upcoming product haul or to while away a lazy afternoon!


The first time I got this app, I spent the better part of a day joyfully taking selfies and experimenting with different looks.There are two ways to make the most of this app:

  • By creating your own look, where you can match foundation and try on eyeliner, lipsticks, and eyeshadows that work with your skin tone.
  • Or trying out the styles of your favorite celebrities. Best believe I got my Lupita Nyong’o on using it.

Download the ModiFace app for free on iOS and Android.


This app is a great source of inspiration for black women who want to embrace their natural hair and try out new styles but aren’t yet willing to go the whole (sometimes scary) nine yards. You can experiment with new hairstyles to your heart’s content.

One of my favorite things about the app is that it shows information like the “hair products used, how much it cost, and the salon’s location” And guess what, this app was made by 3 female software entrepreneurs from Ghana and Nigeria. #GirlPower!You can read about the creators here.

Download the Tress app for free on Android.

Cocoa Swatches

Another great app by a woman of color, Ofunne Amaka. Cocoa Swatches curates makeup related content like videos, swatches and blog posts that relate to women of color. All you have to do is search for a beauty product and find content that shows how the product looks on different skin tones.

Read this great interview on Allure about the brains behind Cocoa Swatches, Ofunne Amaka.

Download the Cocoa Swatches app for free on iOS and Android.

What are some of your favorite beauty apps?

Image by Clare Oparo


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