The Awesome Truth About Whitening in Korean Skin Care

The Awesome Truth About Whitening in Korean Skin Care

Asian, specifically Korean beauty is quite intriguing. What with the multi-step routine, innovative beauty technology, and high performing affordable products that can be shipped worldwide (yes, even to my Ugandan doorstep) with no fuss, it was only a matter of time before K-beauty found a permanent place in my beauty wardrobe.

When planning my K-Beauty shopping hauls, I have come across many a product touted as “whitening” -I don’t fret. I just add to cart and move on. This is why.

Before  you get it twisted, hear this. I’m very proud of my color, this Ateso beauty from Eastern Uganda is divinely dark and will not start nor ever bleach her skin. However, what I do love to do is glow with a radiant, even complexion. That involves getting rid of any hyperpigmentation – lightening dark spots that are a result of acne and eczema.

If I may quote Fanny Bourdette-Donon of Dior Perfumes, in a 2013 interview by Into The Gloss to explain further.

“…I used to be so against whitening products. In Africa, all of these women were killing their skin trying to become whiter, and I hated that. But when I had to work on the press kits at Dior for Diorsnow D-NA Reverse White Reveal Night Concentrate, I had to test it to know what I was going to talk about. I became obsessed. Yes, it’s a whitening product but it’s not about being whiter or changing the color of your skin; it just brings light to your face. I’ve never experienced that before in my life. My face literally changed. I had discoloration before, where my cheeks were darker than my forehead, and since I’ve been using this, everything has evened out. Honestly, all of these little dark spots went away.” Fanny Bourdette-Donon, for Into the Gloss

That is exactly what whitening means in K-Beauty “bringing light to your face” or to quote another phenomenal woman of color, Rihanna “shine bright like a diamond” Don’t be put off by Korean skin care that claims to “whiten” the skin. It’s a poor K-Beauty translation of the word “brightening” -whitening does not mean bleaching.

In East Asian countries like China, Japan, and Korea, “whitening” has nothing to do with the actual color of the skin but is about the overall health of the skin. Healthy skin is considered to be glowing… radiant.

Since K-beauty has taken the world by storm, many brands have begun to replace the word “whitening‘ with “brightening” to assist their international clients.Brightening K-beauty  has ingredients like vitamin C and licorice root extract which safely fade dark spots and even complexions.

Hopefully, I’ve cleared the air and got you ready for your next beauty haul. Check out my favorite Korean cosmetics store Jolse for some of these great brightening products! Of course any brightening benefits would best be received from leave on skin care, so here is

  1. The SerumOST C20 Vitamin C Serum formulated with Vitamin C, a wonderful brightening ingredient. You can read more about Vitamin C here and review on OST by Sheryll of The Wanderlust Project here.
  2. The MoisturizerBenton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream Snail mucin, niacinamide, urea, and peptides make this a wonderful addition to your brightening arsenal. Read this fantastic review by Kerry of Skin and Tonics here.

What are some of your favorite brightening products? One can never have enough brightening in their skin care arsenal right? Here’s to glowing all year round!


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