My Favorite Wellness and Fitness Finds

wolfandmoroko favorite wellness and fitness finds

We are well into 2016. I realized that after I stopped writing the 2015 date when filling out forms. This year, I hope to run the MTN Marathon (Jesus be a fitness instructor for this woman who abhors running!) and decided to get an early training start. If you are interested in maybe running this year, here are some of my recent favorite wellness and fitness finds that will definitely have you ready when the time comes!

Pilates, Food and Wine

Proper nutrition is a major part of life, wouldn’t you agree? Great wine, food and engaging company are some of my favorite things in the entire world. Logging onto Love and Lemons will have you cooking up a delicious healthy storm using the variety of food available in the local markets. Shout out to Nakasero and Nakawa markets!

Wash the food down with some great wine from NO.49 Cheese and Wine, a wine shop in Bugolobi, which I discovered through Lauren McBride here. After some healthy wining and dining, it’s time to get your workout on.

If you hate running or the gym as much as I do, then Youtube workouts are one of your best friends. First and foremost, read this guide on how to choose a sports bra and head to Lauma Lingerie where they retail for around UGX 126,000. Second, if you would like to purchase a yoga mat, they are available in Game, Lugogo; you could also just throw caution to the wind and lay on your clean carpet or floor instead. Now, log onto Blogilates and sweat! Her sessions are intense, your core will tell you things you never knew it could say. Sometimes, I like to switch it up and go swimming or shake my tail feather with Zumba!

It’s not a bad idea to give your brain a workout too. Thanks to technology,  I’ve played Sudoku every day for years and Duolingo has me speaking conversational French. There are dozens of brain training apps to try. Check out Elevate and Lumosity, available on iOS and Android.

What are some of your recent favorite wellness and fitness finds?

Image by Clare Oparo


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