Interesting February Reads for the Savvy African Beauty

wolfandmoroko savvy beauty reads

I spend a lot of my time reading articles about skin care and beauty, so I thought I would share these articles with my fellow Savvy African Beauties (also sign up for the newsletter here if you haven’t already…shameless request, teehee)

  1. Most recently, Johnson & Johnson got sued because talcum powder causes cancer? I ask because I’m confused. Last I checked, science hadn’t discovered the exact cause of cancer. Read about that here and Colin’s reaction ( which is what most #BrainyBeauties are thinking) here. If you want a talc free powder, check out this one from Farmaesthetics.
  2. Futurederm brings up a very good point about why you shouldn’t avoid skin care ingredients which you cannot pronounce or which you cannot eat, here and here.
  3. This article in the Wall Street Journal is an oldie but a goldie. I don’t know much about basketball, or any other sports really but I pay attention when NBA stars talk about their grooming habits.  What a fun read.
  4. Modern men put your hands up.Valentine’s Day may have passed but this Sunday Times lingerie buying guide will get you through birthdays, anniversaries and ‘oh why not’ situations too. Read on. If you’re in Uganda, that’s no excuse, head to Lauma Lingerie or Kingspark Intimates in Garden City for assistance.
  5. I love color and whatever form of therapy it provides. A red lipstick can make my day; it was interesting to discover the reason behind ‘blue’ skin care here.
  6. Also would you spend US$13,000 to sleep at work? I’ll leave that to you because my edges are still growing back from my initial reaction to the article on New Beauty here.
  7. This is not related to beauty but goodness have you been watching Scandal recently? Olivia Pope’s color filled wardrobe is giving me liiiiffeee! I want two of everything. Instyle gives you the reason for the style change here. Also please read Awesomely Luvvie’s Scandal recaps, thank me later.

If you’ve read any interesting skin care related articles lately please share links below. Otherwise, Happy Reading!


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