For the Love of Country: My Beauty Kit for the Ugandan Elections

wolfandmoroko my beauty kit for ugandan elections 2

It is finally upon us. The Ugandan elections are just around the corner (Feb 18th) and I couldn’t be more ready for them! I’ve listened to the debates, gone through the manifestos aaaanndd I have my sun protection for the day intact!

Hear me out. Of recent, the sun has had a withering opinion of Kampala. The heat…oh the heat, no English phrase can accurately describe it. I have to go back to my Ateso roots and say, ‘Okwe lolo!’

Anyway I digress.While in the queue, waiting to serve my civic duty, best believe I will be in full sun protection mode. These three sun care essentials will be in my skin care arsenal.


The Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF50+ sunscreen is like a dream. It has my vote, (ha!) It has a refreshing scent that will wake me up since I have to roll out of bed in the wee hours of the morning. (Voting starts at 7 am, so I will be up waaay before that to prep). It’s lightweight, quickly absorbing with a smooth soft finish without the sticky feeling, shine and white cast, all while being SPF 50. The black and gold packaging is divine too. You can find the Missha sunscreen online at Jolse for around US$11.

A wide brimmed hat

I’ve always wanted one of these, always. So when I came across Ugandan fashion house Halisi selling these, it was a no brainer, I had to grab one. I recently changed my hair style, getting a lob (long bob) and highlights. Getting highlights means my hair needs even more TLC, if you can believe that. The reason behind this is in a quick science breakdown thanks to the Beauty Brains. Hair absorbs copper ions from water. Copper participates in free radical formation especially when exposed to UV light. The harmful free radical formation would result in increased hair breakage. Using shampoo formulated with chelating agents would get rid of the copper – so yes, I’m definitely getting my hair ‘did’ on Wednesday.I don’t know how much more it will help but I will definitely throw on this chic hat on my recently deep conditioned tresses, because: style.

UV Protected Eyewear

Remember when we tackled buying UV protected eyewear on the blog? I had just sat on (and shattered) my faithful pair. I got these from Eye Care Center soon thereafter. I’m definitely wearing these on Thursday because my eyesight needs to be on its A game, I need to tick right. No burnt corneas for this woman, and yes I believe the Ugandan sun is hot enough to burn corneas.

So, that’s it! My sun protection arsenal for election day. If you are in the queue and come across a plump, water swigging diva in shades and a chic black hat; come say hi, we can laugh at the highlights of the debate together!

Image by Clare Oparo


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