How to Even Your Skin Tone

wolfandmoroko How to Even Your Skin Tone

There is no shortage of cosmetic products to help you handle hyper pigmentation; even your skin tone. A visit to a great dermatologist could get you on the way to even, smooth skin and putting your best face forward sooner than you would think.

However, improperly using the dermatologist approved skin care products will not get you very far. According to leading dermatologists, there are three fundamentals to brightening your complexion.


Proper and regular exfoliation is the first step to healthy skin. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cell accumulation and grime that would lead to rough, dull,irritated, unevenly toned skin. Exfoliation also makes it easier for beneficial active ingredients to penetrate the skin and get the job done.

Whether you’re exfoliating with retinoids, an AHA like glycolic acid, a BHA like salicylic acid or physical scrubs, this is an essential step to encouraging cell renewal and healthy, even toned skin.


Certain forms of hyper pigmentation can be more difficult and stubborn to treat. Visit a dermatologist to understand the reason behind your form of hyper pigmentation to come up with possible solutions and less frustration and disappointment.

Treatments could be topical (over -the-counter creams and lotions with brightening ingredients), abrasive (chemical peels and scrubs, microdermabrasion) or laser/light therapy.

Whatever the treatment, make sure to be consistent and patient with it.


Sun protection is the most essential step in any skin care routine. When your skin is hyper pigmented, harmful UV radiation will cause excess melanin production. This is because melanin is part of the body’s natural defense system and the body will produce it to deal with the harmful free radicals formed as a result of sun exposure. The excess melanin formed will make the hyper pigmentation worse.

The religious application of sunscreen is paramount.

*Editor’s Note: Dr.Malik Ssempereza, Director Unity Skin Clinic Kampala, Uganda, contributed information to this post.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the product images above. They belong to the individual brands.
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