Product Review: Fulom Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream

When it comes to a leave on product like a moisturizer or a serum, I look for something that is exceptionally formulated. It has to be fit for royalty because as you know, I’m quite the princess when it comes to skin care.

A moisturizer that is packed with antioxidants, cell communicating ingredients, emollients and penetration enhancers to deliver great benefits to my skin is all I ask for.

This explains why I was excited to try out Fulom skin care. Aside from the brand steering clear of known irritants like sodium lauryl sulphate, a powerful antioxidant known as fulvic acid features as an active ingredient in all their products.

Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring antimicrobial and antioxidant which restores the chemical balance to skin cells thus extending their lives. This is anti aging the way nature intended.

Fulom Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream

The Product

Fulom Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream claims to be “a rich and deeply penetrating moisturizing cream to leave your skin feeling soft, healthy and hydrated.” Well, studies show fulvic acid to have the ideal chemical structure to penetrate the skin and deliver nutrients, this cream also has a great delivery system with penetration enhancers like cetearyl alcohol and butylene glycol. This perfect skin care marriage found me experiencing soft skin in less than a week!

The Fulom cream is formulated with Vitamin E, another welcome antioxidant in skin care. This great ingredients heal and hydrate your skin as well as boost your sun protection.

The cream has castor oil. Castor oil has moisturizing properties and is recommended to treat acne and inflammation. These three ingredients make the cream ideal for sensitive skin.

The cream is white in color and non greasy, quickly absorbing into the skin. You won’t have to wait long to apply your sunscreen over it, just a few seconds.

Fulom dry skin moisturizing cream is a fragrance free. When you have dry dehydrated skin, your skin is sensitive enough; you don’t need to burden it, irritating it further, with fragrance, a known irritant.

The cream comes in a clear jar, something I don’t particularly enjoy for hygiene purposes. I don’t like dipping in a finger or a spatula every time I want to use it. I would prefer it in a bottle with an airless pump, minimizing content exposure to light, air and microbes.

Ingredients and their Functions (in Brackets)

Water (solvent), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (occlusive, emollient), Cetearyl Alcohol (emollient, penetration enhancer),  Butylene Glycol (skin conditioning agent, penetration enhancer), Stearic Acid (emulsifier), Glycerin (humectant), Organic Fulvic Acid (antioxidant), Ricinus Communis(Castor) Seed Oil (occlusive, emollient), Rhus Verniciflua Peel Wax/ Rhus Succedanea Fruit Wax, Tocopheryl Acetate (antioxidant), Ascorbyl Palmitate (antioxidant), Polysorbate 60 (emulsifier), Dimethicone (occlusive), Phenoxyethanol (preservative), Ethylhexylglycerin (preservative)

As you can see, the great delivery system, antioxidants and emollients in this cream will have your have your skin healthy and hydrated quick!


Performance: The light cream effectively hydrates your skin delivering great antioxidants like fulvic acid, Vitamin E and moisturizing castor oil which is 90% ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid transforms to azelaic acid in the skin. Azelaic acid is an organic compound used in the treatment of mild acne.

Quality: This is a great quality fragrance free cream that is suitable for all skin types. I only wish it was packaged differently, preferably in a bottle with an airless pump.

Value: You don’t need to use a lot of product so the 1.7oz jar will take you a long way.

Where to buy: You can make a purchase from the Fulom Shop here where it retails for US$ 22.00

This article features a product sample that was sent to me for my unbiased consideration. Any opinion expressed is 100% my own.

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