Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid When you Have Acne Prone Skin

wolfandmoroko cosmetic ingredients to avoid when you have acne prone skin

Acne affects a lot of people, regardless of age or skin type. That being said, the skin care industry has an infinite amount of anti-acne treatments and has managed to perpetuate the myth that age should determine your skin type.

This is not the case beauties, acne doesn’t give a hoot how old you are. As long as its conditions are met, it will strike. When it does, an effective skin care routine with well formulated O-T-C (over the counter) products are your best defense. Unless you have chronic acne, in that case, see your dermatologist.

While the causes and therefore treatments of acne are individual, your anti acne arsenal should be free of the following ingredients.

Stearic Acid Derivatives

Stearic acid is a fatty alcohol from palm oil. It’s used as an emulsifying agent. It’s derivatives include butyl stearate, isocetyl stearate, isopropyl isotearate, isopropyl myristrate, isopropyl palmitate

Fragrance (Parfum)

Synthetic fragrances and essential oils used to scent products can irritate the skin. Irritation triggers the stress nerve endings in the pore, activating cortisol – the stress hormone. Cortisol will stimulate the sebaceous glands leading to excess oil production. Watch out for linalool, linalyl acetate, cinnamon oil, mint oils, menthol, citrus oils and any fragrant plant extracts.

Certain Occlusives

Occlusives are ingredients that seal moisture in skin, keeping it soft and smooth. Some occlusives can clog pores in acne prone or sensitive skin. Notorious acne causing occlusives are lanolin, acetylated lanolin and cocoa butter.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

A common surfactant, sodium lauryl sulfate is considered harsh for the skin. It interacts with the skin protein and becomes difficult to completely rinse away. This creates a film on the skin, irritating it. Its cousin, sodium laureth sulfate is considered to be milder.

Other Ingredients

Decyl oleate , Mystristyl myristrate, Neopentanoate, Neopalmitate, Octyl palmitate, Octyl stearate, Propionate, Propylene glycol, Witch hazel

Of course, any skin care has to be patch tested for you to determine what works best. What ingredients have you discovered trigger acne? Let me know in the comments below.

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