My Eyes are up Here, Five: Bra Care

wolfandmoroko how to take care of your bras

If you love something, you will take care of it and don’t we all love great underwear, especially well fitting matching sets? I thought so, I’m positive I heard a resounding YES! After the most recent post in the series, it’s only fitting to take care of our purchases.

If you care for your bras properly – washing, drying and storing them correctly, they will last longer and give you more support. The very best way to wash your bras is by hand with a mild intimates detergent so as not to break down the elastic.

Of course, a bra won’t last you 10 years, it is recommended that you replace your bras every 6 months, depending on your bust size and how many bras you have in rotation. Over time, the elastic in a bra band wears out and stops offering support. This is especially true for everyday bras and full figure bras.

Remember that you shouldn’t wear the same bra two days in a row. Aside from absorbing sweat, grime and perfume, bras will lose their elasticity when worn every day without rest. Below are the instructions for different methods to care for your bras.

Washing and Drying

  • Hand wash in cool water with a mild intimates detergent. If you live in my neck of the woods, there is no such thing, so I just use a mild shampoo! It works!
  • Soak all like colored bras together for about 15 minutes before washing.
  • Gently rub areas that touch your body to clean your bras. Aggressively rubbing delicate fabrics like lace, embroidery, bindings and elastic will damage them.
  • If you need to get dirt or stains out, gently scrub with an old toothbrush.
  • Rinse really well since any remaining detergent (or in my case, shampoo) can deteriorate the delicate fabric.
  • Never wring out your bras to remove excess water, just pat dry and reshape the cups with your hands. Otherwise, you will distort the shape. I prefer to drip dry bras.
  • Lay the bras out flat, with the cups pointing up, to dry on a drying rack, or other water resistant surface. You could also hang the bra by the gore (center) on a clothes hangar. Some prefer to hang the bras on a clothes hangar by the shoulder straps.
  • Air-dry the bras in the shade. Not in direct sunlight or heat (like a clothes dryer).

Storage and Travel

  • Stack the molded bras in your drawer. Don’t crash the cups or invert one into the other or you will destroy the fiber, making the cups bumpy.
  • If the bras aren’t padded or molded, you can fold them in half and tuck the shoulder straps into the cups before storing them.
  • Hook the bras before storage to prevent snagging and ripping through delicate lace and embroidery.
  • Don’t twist any underwire.
  • When travelling, pack molded and padded bras first, stacking one on top of the other so you can quickly unpack them first. Stuff the cups with panties so that they hold their shape during the trip.

Fellow East Africans, does our region have any mild intimates detergent? Do let me know where/when you find yours!

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