The Truth About 8 Common Acne Myths

wolfandmoroko the truth about common acne myths

I’m so thankful to be part of the Information Age, online shoe shopping, streaming movies, ebooks – in short, amazing times. That being said, the sheer amount of knowledge available at your fingertips is literally mind numbing. You need to be careful about what and who you believe, the amount of weirdos with internet access is huge. The weirdos aren’t limited to spreading celebrity deaths hoaxes either…so many skincare myths are floating around and sadly, some are taken as gospel truth. Let’s deal with a few right now.

8 Common Acne Myths

  1. Acne is caused by dirty skin. No, it’s not. If that was the case a mud mask would not be a well sought after purifying facial treatment. This myth has lead hordes of acne sufferers to over cleanse their skin with harsh cleansers, which dry the skin and disrupt the moisture barrier only leading to increased inflammation.
  2. Eating chocolate causes acne. I wonder whether this myth was made up by someone who wasn’t willing to share their chocolate. Eating chocolate won’t going to give you acne. In fact an ounce of dark chocolate a day is very good for your heart.
  3. Eating greasy food causes acne. I’m definitely not the only one who has come across clear, even toned ladies and gents who barely have a skin care routine and live on greasy food. It’s all in the science, eating greasy food isn’t going to give you acne just other health problems.
  4. Using toothpaste to dry a pimple overnight works marvelously. Aside from a minty fresh face, toothpaste won’t be of any benefit. Toothpaste has baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, menthol and essential oils which will dry and irritate your skin even more.
  5. The tingling sensation means the product is working. Umm, no. Ingredients that cool and make your skin tingle, such as menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon, show up in a lot of anti-acne skin care, yet there is no research showing they have any benefit for acne prone skin. In fact, your skin could be irritated and become worse. When your skin is irritated, stress-sensing nerve endings at the base of the pore are triggered and stimulate oil production – in short, things can go from bad to worse.
  6. Only teenagers suffer from acne. Adult acne is on the rise. Acne is one of those skin conditions that does not hold any bias. Whatever your age, gender or skin profile it will not hesitate to strike.
  7. Popping your pimple makes matters worse. Popping a pimple in the right way reduces inflammation, scarring and the healing period. Popping it correctly means you shouldn’t be zealous and cause serious scabs by over squeezing, picking or puncturing the pimple. If you aren’t dealing with cystic acne and see an obvious head on the pimple, you can go through the steps in this post to pop, pop, pop!
  8. Makeup makes your acne worse.Not necessarily, especially if you use oil-free makeup that doesn’t clog pores and remove makeup before you fall asleep. Non oily cosmetics don’t interfere with the effectiveness of anti acne products either, which is why this great post on concealing blemishes is quite handy.

What have you heard about acne? Are you wondering whether it’s fact or fiction? Let me know below, we will sort through the skin care haystack together!

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3 thoughts on “The Truth About 8 Common Acne Myths

  1. well some have actually said that pimple might stem from “being in love” and this is usually one sudden appearance on the forehead. This is quite informative


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