5 Steps to Concealing Blemishes

wolfandmoroko steps to concealing blemishes

Sometimes, pimples come out of nowhere. Angry pimples that make you wonder who you wronged in the past. Sometimes you can pop and treat that angry pimple before bedtime and go to bed feeling accomplished. Other times, the popping needs to happen during the day, mainly because you are about to chair that important meeting and can’t go around looking like you have two heads. Or because you have a feeling that you’re likely to bump into your ex and can look nothing short of mind blowing. This post is for those and any other time you need that zit hidden from sight. Those times when you thank the good Lord for the wisdom He gave to man regarding makeup.

Before you continue, check out this guide to correctly popping pimples. If you have read it, followed it to the tee and need to dash to that important meeting, here is a basic guide to using makeup to cover up a blemish.

The Basics on How to Conceal a Blemish

  1. First things first, when applying your makeup, day light is king. No one wants to look like an adult who fell into a vivid oil painting face first.
  2. Prep your skin with a mattifying serum.
  3. Follow up with applying your foundation or not, if you aren’t a foundation kinda girl.
  4. Using your finger (or a concealer brush) gently dab a small amount of a matte concealer that matches your skin tone, onto the center of the blemish, and softly blend evenly and outward. If you need more coverage, let the concealer set before repeating the process.
  5. Use a small, soft eyeshadow brush to set the concealer with a gentle dusting of powder.

That’s it! You are done and ready to show your radiant face to the world! What are some of your makeup tricks? I’d love to know. Comment below.

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