Reviewing Clinch, the App All Online Shoppers Have Been Waiting For


Clinch’s home page, I love the yellow!

I love to shop. I love bargains even more. Finding a wonderful item at a bargain price gives me so much joy you wouldn’t believe! It feels like I won an ‘EGOT’ (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony – thank you 30 Rock)

This means when window shopping, comparing prices comes with the territory. The world of online shopping is not your friendly neighborhood market though, it’s big. Very big. You wouldn’t think so but numerous choices make online shopping a nightmare. By the time you have decided to buy that makeup palette from the 50th retailer, you have multiple tabs, screenshots and bookmarks. Most importantly, you have no idea whether you are actually making a steal anymore!

‘Clinch’ will deal with that entire mess. Clinch is a free app currently available on the iPad. You browse online though the app and ‘clinch’ an item that grabs your interest. When clinched the item’s details are grabbed and saved in the app. This dynamic, robust app makes comparing prices online easy. It stores images, bookmarks, information, photos or screen shots with the URL link embedded. What a lifesaver! The images saved can  be viewed on a canvas feature that makes you feel like such a creative spirit!


The canvas feature is thrilling!

If you think that’s it, think again. Clinch has five ways that you can store items depending on what it is you are trying to capture.

  • Clinch: Capture product images, price and descriptions from websites of your choice.
  • Import Photos: import your own photos from your camera roll into your Clinch Library.
  • Take a Photo: take a photo and store it in your Clinch Library.
  • Take a screenshot: Clinch will store it along with the URL link for easy re-visiting.
  • Manual Clinch: to capture additional images or information.


Clinching some delicious skincare

As you know, I’m in love with skincare so I thought I’d clinch some products to try out the app. All I had to do was browse online for the product and grab it using the icon at the top right of the page which led to the image above. Simple! Comparing my purchases side by side, as well as the Shuffle feature that showed the different product combinations made decision making a whole lot easier!


Decisions, decisions…


Everyday we’re shuffling…

Using the app I can now easily click on the skincare products, go back to the website they are from and buy them! Done!

Even though Clinch is only available on the iPad for now, I can’t wait to be able to use it on my Android phone…my thumbs will shop till they drop!

You can find out more about Clinch here

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