What You Should Know About Skin Cell Turnover Rate

wolfandmoroko What you Should Know About Skin Cell Turnover Rate

Usually when you learn about exfoliation, you will comes across the terms ‘skin cell turnover’ or ‘cell renewal factor’. They mean the same thing.

Skin cell turnover is the rate at which the skin produces new cells. These new skin cells travel from the lowest layer of the epidermis (stratum basale) to the top layer, die and are shed off to reveal healthier, younger, ‘glowing’ skin.

As we age, our cell renewal factor slows down, which leads to an unnecessary build up of dead skin.We need to help the skin get rid of this accumulated dead skin through exfoliation. Exfoliation will eliminate clogged pores and help beneficial cosmetic ingredients penetrate the skin.

Basically as we age, exfoliation becomes more essential in our skin care routine. When you learn the average rate of skin cell turnover, you will know how often you need to exfoliate. The older you are, the more you need to exfoliate.

What are the Average rates of Skin Cell Turnover

  • Babies, 14 days
  • Teenagers, 21-28 days
  • The Twenties, 24-30 days
  • The Thirties, 28-35 days
  • The Forties, 30- 42 days
  • The Fifties and beyond, 45-84 days

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