Taking Stock Two


Making : things happen.
Cooking : sweet millet cookies. It’s back to my tribal roots with this recipe.
Drinking : Water. Lots of it.
Reading: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
Wanting: to play Nairobi X
Looking: forward to the direction in which my career is moving.
Playing: around with new soap recipes…
Wasting: time thinking I will cherry pick the new fall TV shows before I actually watch them. I know I will try them all anyway. Except ‘Lucifer’…I’m not that open minded.
Sewing: Erm…
Wishing: every child had ready access to a library. I weep for the younger generation with their grammatical disability.
Enjoying: evening walks.
Waiting: patiently for the launch of Pinterest’s buyable pins on Android.
Liking: the view as I type away on my balcony.
Wondering: why Hollywood seems to cater to 14 year old boys so much.
Loving: Gwekee. This stuff is delicious! Fellow Ugandans have you heard of Gwekee? It’s this brand of hard corn. I have no idea how to explain it to the rest of the world but y’all can mad dash to Shoprite for this.
Hoping: to join a stage production soon.
Marvelling: at clown contouring. Now this is how to deal with a fear of clowns.
Needing: to clear up my mail box. So many useless things in there.
Smelling: the ripening passion fruit plant on the neighbor’s fence. Now these types of weeds, I adore!
Wearing: my hair big and all African warrior princess-like because I can.
Following: Fifty Shades of Snail. The ancient ingredients, advanced skincare and clever branding make Asian skincare such an interesting subject.
Noticing: that sometimes I speak and my mother comes out.
Knowing: what I should focus on has been a wonderful gift.
Thinking: about ‘Gwekee’
Feeling: a change coming to my skincare routine.
Bookmarking: www.houseofyoga.com Incorporating about 15 minutes of yoga after waking up makes such a difference!
Opening: up beauty samples is just the best. The. Best.
Giggling: at the memory of ‘Disgust’ in Pixar’s Inside Out.
Feeling: blessed

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2 thoughts on “Taking Stock Two

    • I meant that I’m becoming more like her. I use her phrases then realise ‘oh goodness- I sound like mum’!
      Gwekee is addictive lol


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