How to Patch Test New Skin Care Products

wolfandmoroko How to Patch Test Skin Care

If I had a pair of heels for every time I advised people to patch test their skin care before going full throttle, Imelda Marcos would be put to shame. I have normal to dry, eczema prone skin so I learned the hard way that everything introduced to my skin needs to be patch tested – cleansers, lotions, creams, masks…as long as it goes on skin; it has to be tested first.

What is a Patch Test?

A patch test involves using a teeny bit of product on a teeny bit of skin for a while to see how your body reacts to it. Are you allergic? Are you irritated? Do you get clogged pores? Do you get dry and flaky? You get the point. Patch testing will help you deal with whatever skin issues are thrown your way by a new product in a discrete manner.

How to Patch Test

I introduce new products into my routine one at a time…a time being about a week apart. Some people react to products within minutes, hours or even a month. My time is about a week. If I use a new product for a week and don’t react to it, then all is well. So just learn your body’s reaction time.

I learnt how to do this on Reddit a few years ago, and my system has not changed.

  • To check for irritation…you need to use a bit of the product in the area you are most sensitive. For some it’s the wrist, for others it is the forehead etc
  • For clogged pores check the area this happens the most. Forehead? Cheeks? Jawline?
  • To check for allergies, dab some product behind your ear.

This system will save you a lot of panic and frustration. There is nothing worse than slathering a product on your face and waking up in the morning to an allergic reaction, a huge zit(s) or irritated skin. Or all three (cue wailing sounds)

Do you patch test your skin care? How? Let me know in the comments!

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