Practical Uses for Vaseline

wolfandmoroko practicals uses for vaseline

Great things come in small packages…diamond rings, car keys and Vaseline. Vaseline petroleum jelly, is a multipurpose skin care product. It is an excellent moisturizer because it creates a barrier layer on the skin that retards water loss.

Created in 1870 by Robert A. Cheseborough, Vaseline petroleum jelly is a must have in every home. I should know, I grew up on the stuff. In my household, Vaseline played a role in almost everything- from softening skin, to shining shoes and silencing squeaky hinges. I didn’t even know there were other brands of petroleum jelly until I was a teenager.

Well, Vaseline petroleum jelly still has a place of honor in my beauty cabinet, handbag, bathroom and makeup kit. It comes in so many different sizes, shapes and is cheap. I love a great deal, don’t you?

Practical Uses for Vaseline

  • Lip treatment. After exfoliating my lips, I apply a moisturizing lip balm then seal with Vaseline. Petroleum jelly is one of the best occlusives there is, this nightly treatment has kept my lips soft and hydrated for years!

Every morning, massage some Vaseline on your lips with a cotton bud and let it moisturize them as you work on the rest of your face. You don’t have to remove it after your done either, Vaseline makes a great base for lipsticks and lip gloss.

  • Healing skin. When your moisture barrier is destroyed, skin issues like minor eczema, and dehydration will plague it. The damaged skin needs to have its moisture barrier repaired as quickly as possible by reducing the rate of evaporation. Petroleum jelly will form a barrier on the skin to reduce evaporation and in the process restore the skin’s moisture barrier and healthy skin.

Even though you have healthy skin, external factors like  insect bites, minor cuts and scrapes can happen. Vaseline will help to heal the skin. To market his product,  Robert A. Cheseborough, would actually burn his skin then apply petroleum jelly to the burned area. After Vaseline healed the area, he would reveal it to potential clients to prove how effective his product was!

  • Hand and foot moisturizer. Vaseline is well known for its ability to heal cracked hands and feet. Instead of just applying some Vaseline, why not take the treatment to another level? Soak your hands and/or feet in warm water for a few minutes, wash and buff them. Clean, cut and file your nails. Apply your favorite nail polish. Slather your hands and/or feet in Vaseline, wrap in cling film or plastic bags and pull some socks on top of this. The trapped heat and moisture will leave your hands/feet hydrated and soft.

It’s a simple way to enjoy a mani-pedi without leaving the comfort of your home- or fluffy bathrobe.

  • Nail care. Speaking of mani-pedis, applying and massaging some Vaseline on your cuticles will soften them.

Of course, as you massage Vaseline onto your cuticles, some will end up on the base of your nails. No problem, it will stop the color running  as you apply nail polish. This is a lifesaver when your dominant hand is not applying the polish. Less mess and no fuss.

  • Shaving care. To shave your underarms, apply a light coat of Vaseline and shave. No water needed and easy peasy. The area will be left soft and smooth.

This is quite handy when you already had a shower and quickly realize you need to get rid of some ‘growth’ before wearing that sleeveless top! The Vaseline will also prevent any chafing!

  • Ear Care. I don’t wear earrings very often, so those holes can become troublesome. Rubbing Vaseline over your ear lobes and the earring first will help it slide in painlessly
  • Taming eyebrows.  Apply a teeny amount of Vaseline to your eyebrows and it will act like an eyebrow gel.

What are some of your favorite uses for Vaseline?

Image Source: Clare Oparo

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