My Basic Body Skin Care Routine

wolfandmoroko basic body care routine

I love a relaxing luxurious bath, but sometimes a great shower does wonders for the soul. I love bath time skin treats that are rich with quality ingredients and delicious scents, lucky for me, these are easy to find…if my bathroom counter could talk, however, it would probably resign and move to a minimalist retirement home.

After a long day, I’m too exhausted to make bath goodies choices, so I reach for these basics for my body skin care. They don’t disappoint!

Shower Puffs

These deliver. With a shower puff, a little goes a long way. A squirt of shower gel or a slight rub with some soap and you are good to go!

While they don’t last a while, they are cheap and quite easily replaced… and the colors…oh, so many colors! I also like the fact that they are synthetic and less prone to bacteria, unlike loofahs which are full of pores and hidden crevices where bacteria love to hide. iShudder.

The shower puffs should be cleaned after each use to get rid of any dirt, bacteria and germs picked up from the body or lingering in the bathroom. Otherwise, you will transfer the bacteria back to your body the next time you wash. To clean the puffs, simply allow them to soak for a short while in a solution of detergent and/or bleach. Washing them with an antibacterial soap or other solution will also work just as well. Then rinse thoroughly and hang up to dry. Make sure they are hanging in a clean, dry and well-ventilated area where bacteria cannot thrive.

Plant Oil

I love slathering myself in the coconut oil after my evening shower. It works wonders for my dry skin since it is high in lauric acid and has wonderful antimicrobial agents. The oil helps strengthen and soften the skin and eliminates dead skin cells on the surface.

I love the warm creamy scent of coconut too, it takes me back to my childhood, where running around on the beach in Mombasa was the norm.

You can use any other plant oil to moisturize; olive, jojoba, shea butter, hemp seed, sweet almond…the choice is yours!

Exfoliating Soap/Shower gel

I recently discovered this soap from The Body Shop and with ingredients like shea butter and green tea, it’s a keeper! It lathers well and is a beautiful mint hue. The green tea flecks in the soap exfoliate and leave your skin feeling soft.

Not a fan of soap? Just add a tablespoon or two of sugar to your shower gel! It does a wonderful job exfoliating too so you don’t have to use a shower puff with it, just rub on the skin. It’s the perfect size for my hands too. I hate huge soap that just slips and falls on the floor. Yuck.

Body Moisturizer

I love this body butter after my morning shower. It smells like passion fruit heaven, is nongreasy and does a fantastic job of keeping my dry skin well moisturized all day long. The Body Shop has really great body butter. I’m a huge fan of the mango body butter too. With ingredients like cocoa and shea butter and a delicious scent, these body butter are a wonderful staple to include in your regime.

These are just some of my current favorite body care products. What are yours?

Image Source: Clare Oparo

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