Personalize Your Skin Care Through DNA Testing

wolfandmoroko Personalize your Skin Care Through DNA Testing

Einstein-y stuff is happening on Wolf + Moroko, recently it was about the future of fashion; today it’s about the future of skincare. That’s right…contrary to popular belief; beauty IS NOT only skin deep. Through DNA analysis, you can discover what type of skin care products you need. This truly sounds like next generation skin care – and I’m sold!

We all have that beauty junkyard where expensive, barely used products go to die with their promises of dewy, radiant youthful complexions. ‘Lies! Lies!’ You say as you throw lay the product to rest.The idea of being able to use your DNA to personalize your skin care routine is intoxicating. Say what you will Humans love customized items…cars, luggage…mugs. A custom made skin care regimen, you say? Sign me up! Does it get any more personal than DNA?

DNA personalized skin care 101

Clutch your pearls, this might get a little technical. We each have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each chromosome holds packages of DNA, which contains genes passed down from your parents and holds potential keys to everything from the color of your eyes to the risks of certain illnesses. Within the DNA are many types of genetic variants, including one called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). There are roughly 10 million SNPs in the human genome, and they can act as biological markers, helping scientists locate genes that are associated with disease. So by swabbing your cheek, you can—theoretically, anyway—find out what the future holds for your skin.

Are there companies that use DNA analysis to provide personalized skin care?

A quick Google search will show SKINSHIFT and Gene U, companies that are using cutting-edge DNA technology to create personalized skincare regimens. A swab of the cheek is used to analyze collagen formation factor, sun protection factor, antioxidant protection factor, glycation protection factor and inflammation control factor. Based on your genetics, your pressing skin care needs will be revealed. The results will direct you to skin care options that address the specific genetic needs of your skin.

Does DNA personalized skin care work?

Does it work though? Would you just be throwing money into the beauty product abyss? Yes and no. Many satisfied clients will wax lyrical about their personalized skin care routines. I know I would too. However, even if accurate, the forecasts made by current tests are pretty obvious. Our genes can only tell us so much, a blatant disregard for skincare will have you looking less Grace Kelly and more Jabba the Hutt (ironically snail extract is well known for its skin-loving properties so he…it…he should have looked better) If you want to know how your skin will look in the coming years, I think looking at your mum is your best bet. What do you think?

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