Pintastic News for Business: Introducing Buyable Pins on Pinterest


I love Pinterest! I could spend all day just pinning away, come to think of it,  I could have a problem… but no, no I don’t. Denial is just the river that flows through the beautiful African continent after all.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the Pinteresting news. In June 2015, Pinterest announced that it would be introducing ‘Buyable Pins’ – a way to, you guessed it, buy your favorite products. On 30th June 2015 the service was officially rolled out to U.S. pinners. Granted, only iPhone and iPad users can access it for now but the plans to include Android and desktop Pinners are underway.

This is such great news for businesses and consumers alike. Thank goodness for international delivery! I will patiently wait my turn to experience a match made in lifestyle and technology heaven. What a game changer for e-commerce!

I’m so excited about this aren’t you?! You can read all about it here.


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